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Thermal energy

Specialists in thermal solar energy

Our experience allows us to implement and use this source of energy in Solar del Valle, whose main value is the participation in water heating processes and air conditioning / thermal conditioning.

It is a technology that is easy to install and allows, among other applications, the production of hot potable water without the risk of shortages since the Solar del Valle’s thermal installations are implemented from a thorough analysis of the needs of our customer.

On the other hand, it implies an important cost savings in energy consumption, and it provides an integral solution to our customers in the construction industry in relation to the compliance with the Technical Building Code.

Our thermal solar solutions adapt to multiple profiles of domestic, residential, and industrial use.

Solar del Valle energía térmica características

Energy saving without risk of shortage

We execute solar installations to fully satisfy your needs as regards the production of domestic potable water. The efficiency is the differential value of the solar energy application: the production of hot potable water.

Our flexibility allows us to develop projects of very diverse natures and scales, from the satisfaction of residential needs, to our projects for large customers (hospitals, residences, sports centres, etc.).

The main advantage of our solutions in production of hot potable water through solar energy is the difference as regards the cost by using sources of traditional energy for heating water, with the consequent saving.

Solar del Valle energía térmica agua caliente sanitaria

Solar solutions in air conditioning

We analyse the specific needs of your house, and we manage your integral air conditioning projects.

We have radiant floor solutions to fully heat your house, using solar energy as an auxiliary system of other additional elements, reaching an optimal performance, and efficient energy consumption.

Contact us, and we will perform a customized analysis.

Solar del Valle energía térmica cllimatización

Solar industrial applications

The application of thermal solar energy in industrial processes implies the advantage of a large savings in the company’s energy consumption by reducing the cost of the energy bill.

Our services are designed for all those industrial processes that need the use of hot water in any of the production stages (preparation, production, or maintenance). We can heat / preheat the water necessary in the process without using traditional energy (fuel); therefore, their consumption is drastically reduced.

Thermal solar energy in industrial processes has applications in multiples sectors: industrial cleaning, production of food, health activities, handling and transformation of raw materials, sea products, the meat industry, the textile industry, production of beverages, the pharmaceutical industry, production of fats and oils, among many other sectors.

Solar del Valle energía térmica procesos industriales

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